Application security testing is the process of identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in traditional web applications. Exploitation can allow, amongst other things, privilege escalation, access to sensitive and personal user information (PII), website defacement or disruption/denial of service.


An Application can provide an easily accessible and identifiable, public presence to your organisation. However, a security issue which is exploited within this public face of your organisation can result in detrimental impacts to your reputation, confidential information disclosed, and your accounts or customers being compromised.

Ensuring that your applications are secured against a wide array of threats can be a necessary part of a number of compliance standards as well as a best practice approach for protecting your organisation.

As part of our approach, our Penetration Testers use a combination of the most effective automated tools and manual exploitation techniques to identify vulnerabilities across your applications. Our extensive reports provide a thorough assessment of each vulnerability and provide business context alongside each finding.

This is supplemented by technical and non-technical descriptions including evidence of exploitation to assist in prompt remediation activities and provide a thorough understanding of each issue.

A Web Application testing assessment and report will allow your business to:

  • Receive assurance around the security posture of any web application.
  • Make ongoing improvements to a web application’s security via specialist support, advice and consultancy.
  • Adhere to regulatory bodies who require Web Application Testing to be performed.
  • Gain access to a dedicated team of specialist CREST Registered penetration testers who use the latest tools and techniques to accurately assess and identify emerging threats.


+ Q: What is the difference between an External Penetration Test and an Application Test?

An External Penetration Test is focused around underlying infrastructure and specific hosts rather than on the Web Applications residing on these hosts. Web Application security is a specific skill and requires a fully qualified consultant who understands the software architecture in order to provide a thorough assessment.

+ Q: Why do I need a Web Application Assessment?

Web Applications are traditionally accessible over the internet and attacked by both automated tools and determined attackers on a daily basis. Whether it’s for compliance reasons or for peace of mind all organisations require a Web Application Penetration Test.

+ Q: What Applications can I have tested?

A vast amount of experience throughout the testing team means we can test all web technologies. Each engagement requires a free technical scoping exercise with one of our testers through which we gauge the size of individual projects to provide both a cost effective and thorough assessment.

+ Q: What will I receive after the test has been completed?

The deliverable from any Web Application Test is a complete report, detailing and contextualising each identified vulnerability against your business and relaying the risks that each issue poses to your systems and services. The report provides a complete description of what each identified issue is, specific remediation advice on how to address the issue, and detailed evidence, wherever necessary to verify the issues impact.