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Creating and Troubleshooting Site to Site VPN

A Guide on Creating and Troubleshooting a WatchGuard Firewall Site to Site VPN...

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Changing the Default SSL Certificate on Watchguard Firewalls.

A tutorial on how to change the default SSL certificate on a Watchguard firewall....

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Vulnerability Remediation – Do not forget Regression Testing

When talking about the remediation activities associated with Vulnerabilities, it has become obvious in a number...

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The Beginners Guide to Vulnerability Triage

As with most topics of cyber security we could go on to write multiple books on the topic of vulnerability triage....

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Extending your test automation pack into security.

DevSecOps is the current buzz word for many people and security organisations are receiving numerous queries about...

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WooCommerce Subscriptions Persistent XSS (CVE-2019-18834)

I was working on a test last year for a fairly standard WordPress site. The site wasn’t completely finished but had all the core functionality...

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