[Free Webinar] Web Application Security – Why so Hard?

Insecure web applications are a serious problem for IT security professionals in 2019. Last year, the number of new web app vulnerabilities (17,308) increased by 23% compared to 2017 (14,082) and a staggering 162% compared to 2016 (6,615). These figures alone demonstrate the importance of continuously developing and managing your company’s web app security to ensure sensitive information remains safeguarded from hackers.

Why are web apps STILL prime targets?

The reason why web applications remain prime attack targets is because of their large and complex attack surface. Think about it – there’s a lot of things that can go wrong in a web app security set up. All it takes is something like an application or framework flaw, dodgy web or proxy server configuration, or even a third-party component like a JavaScript library embedded on each web page to lead to a full compromise of your host or network. Nightmare.

Web Application Security – Why so Hard?

On Tuesday 21 May at 10am, we’re hosting a free webinar to help IT professionals gain a better understanding of the complexity of a modern web apps attack surface. The webinar will be presented by Nick Blundell – IP EXPO CyberHack Theatre speaker and regular guest speaker at high profile cyber security events.

During the 45 minute session, we’ll explore current trends in web application security. In addition to the top-level analysis of these trends, we’ll also take a look at specific examples of how key vulnerabilities arise. For example, discussing how, without adequate sanitisation, tainted user input can reach dangerous functions within some layer of the system. We’ll also be paying particular attention to the more subtle cases that usually go under the radar.

What will you gain from this webinar?

  • An appreciation of modern web applications attack surface complexity.
  • A fundamental insight into how vulnerabilities manifest – whatever their particular form – and how to detect them through means of inference and signatures.
  • Examples of subtle, lesser-detected yet high impact vulnerabilities, such as those relating to HTML5.
  • An appreciation of sound versus flawed input validation and sanitation.

Webinar details

  • Webinar: Web Application Security – Why so Hard?
  • Date: Tuesday 21st May 10am
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Presented by: Nick Blundell, CyberHack Theatre speaker at IP Expo events.

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