We are always searching for a number of talented individuals to join our team at Precursor Security


At Precursor we are always looking to grow our team with committed, motivated and passionate people. We recognise and appreciate how vital the benefit of having skilled individuals is and how influential they can be in the success and future growth of an organisation.

We endeavour to provide a challenging and enjoyable environment for talent to thrive and progress. As a member of our team you’ll be provided with the training, support and mentorship of experienced professionals to develop your experience and individual skillset.

We are always looking for talented individuals with an interest and passion within the security industry. Although we are often looking to fill a number of roles, some of the most common positions we are searching for are:


Our Account Managers are experienced professionals within the security industry, providing services and solutions to a range of organisations. Individuals looking for a career in the with us should have a self-motivated approach to acquiring new business and developing trusted relations. Being able to provide advice and support regarding the challenges of security and how best to tackle these issues.


Our team of Penetration Testers have years of experience, working across both public and private sector, on a variety of security testing requirements. Individuals interested in a role as a Penetration Tester should take a proactive approach to acquiring new skills and be able to communicate key information to a broad range of people, with regard to the state of security and the latest emerging threats.

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