Data Discovery Solutions

What is a Data Discovery Solution?

A Data Discovery Solution allows your organisation to catalogue, quantify and analyse the data you store. Analytics can be generated regarding what you are storing as well as how and when your data is accessed. This can allow you to manage your content more effectively as well as identify patterns over time, helping you to increase efficiency.

Why Implement A Data Discovery Solution?

All organisations utilise data. The ability to access data and identify patterns and key information can provide benefits and insights into the operations of a business previously unattainable.

With the digitisation of data more information is available but there is also a lot more data to be gathered and analysed. A data discovery tool when properly configured and utilised can both generate revenue and provide cost savings

As events occur and the business performs its day to day functions a Data Discovery Solution can analyse the data moving through your organisation and look for key patterns or references to information that could indicate both business trends or possible issues that require attention.


A Data Discovery Solution will allow your business to:

  • Understand risks that may be developing from the access and movement of data.
  • Make ongoing improvements to your organisation through data analytics.
  • Identify emerging business opportunities through data analytics
  • Optimise efficiency within staff data requirements and workflows

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