Multifactor Authentication Solutions (MFA)

What is an Multifactor Authentication Solution?

Multifactor authentication solutions are designed to provide an additional layer of authentication beyond a username and password combination.
Modern solutions can now provide multiple layers to the authentication system, incorporating biometrics from a smartphone to produce a point in time access code, ensuring a secure solution for your organisation which is beyond any one factor which may be susceptible to compromise.

Why Implement A Multifactor Authentication System?

With an exponential rise in security breaches exposing sensitive data as well as usernames and passwords online, it is important to ensure that your user accounts are protected.

By including an MFA solution your security is no longer dependent upon the weakest configured username and password combination and you are provided with an additional layer of security to your authentication systems.

By configuring a layered authentication system, your systems can remove the dependency on any one potentially compromised factor which could result from a security breach where company logins are exposed, or a stolen device where access codes may be exploited.


A MFA Solution will allow your business to:

  • Provide an additional layer of protection to your authentication systems
  • Protect your user accounts from the possibility of a security breach
  • Remove your security dependency from the weakest configured password
  • Centralised control over user access
  • Reporting and event notifications for logins and user access times

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