Whether there are vulnerabilities in your hardware, software, systems or staff – our tailor-made approach ensures you’ll receive exactly what your business requires from a cyber security test or solution. All of our penetration testers are CREST certified and we are the only Certified WatchGuard Training Centre in the North of England and Scotland.


Calling upon years of experience combined with cutting-edge technologies and techniques, our assessors use a combination of advanced manual skills, custom-built scripts and automated tools, to execute controlled assessments against your organisations’ systems.

Our tailored methodologies are designed to deliver a true representation of an objective driven adversary performing a targeted attack against your organisation, while identifying as many vulnerabilities as possible.

Our process breaks down into four high level categories to progress your security assessment from initial discussions through to resolution of any identified issues.


A Penetration test is typically never categorised as an off the shelf purchase, where one size fits all. Our Penetration Testers work with you to find a solution which works for your environment, defining key goals, addressing compliance requirements, security concerns and setting out agreed upon targets to include within the assessment. Precursor Security aim to work alongside your organisation to define an assessment process which is tailormade for you.


During any security assessment our Penetration Testers continue to work with you to keep you informed and up to date on the progress of your assessment, communicating critical issues and helping your understanding of how a real-world attack can progress. The testing phase sees our experienced consultants utilise their years of hands-on experience and cutting-edge attack techniques to identify security vulnerabilities across the people, processes and technology present across the agreed upon scope of work.


Following the assessment, a comprehensive report is collated detailing each identified vulnerability. Our reports are carefully designed to give the various stakeholders, involved in the assessment, a clear and easily understood picture of the outcome, both from a technical and business perspective. Supplementing the technical details are visualisations, metrics and a high-level executive summary that can be used to communicate identified issues and subsequent business impact to all staff involved in the process.


Remediating the issues found during assessments can sometimes be a daunting task for organisations. Our Penetration testers aim to continue working with you after the assessment to provide advice, consultancy or retesting to ensure your organisation can secure your systems against any potential threats.

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