Scheduled Vulnerability Scanning

Scheduled Vulnerability Scanning

As a supplement to manual penetration testing, vulnerability scanning is one of the best ways to keep up to date with newly released vulnerabilities and bolster your organisations security posture.

The requirement for continuous, regular scanning of an organisations external assets has never been more needed. Modern threat actors are using automated tools to deploy newly created exploits en-mass within ever decreasing timescales.

The time from disclosure to exploit weaponisation has been proven to be as little as 96 minutes

To combat this increasing threat, Precursor Security provide a vulnerability scanning system to automatically identify known software vulnerabilities in a clients assets.

Following each automated scan, Precursor Security will compile and deliver a detailed report outlining findings and associated CVSS scores for any vulnerabilities identified.

If any score is of a High or Critical impact nature, an alert will be raised with a Precursor Security expert, who will manually investigate and provide actions for the findings so that our clients can be informed as quickly as possible.

The reports can be configured to the clients needs and will, in most cases, come with trend graphs, remediation advice and an executive report.