Cyber Security Training

Infrastructure and Domain Administrator Security Training

The infrastructure and domain administrator security training course focuses on the bad habits of IT staff and how simple changes to both the working methodology and domain design can have massive benefits to the overall security posture.

In this one-day course we look at how domain management can be properly utilised to ensure the business conforms to best practices and builds a set of working principles than can be applied to every day activities.

The training covers:

  • Bad Habits of IT Staff
  • Network Design (Vlans and Segmentation)
  • Server and Active Directory Design
  • Firewall and Web Filtering
  • The User as a Threat


All our course instructors have worked in the Cyber Security field for many years and bring with them the experience and knowledge gained from the global cyber-security landscape.

The instructors will bring to life the topics on the curriculum through real life examples, these include demonstrated Active Directory settings and real-life examples of security posture.

Course Prerequisites

There are no formal prerequisites to the course, however we would recommend that an internal penetration assessment has taken place prior to the course. This will allow the business to apply information learnt in the course directly to issues found in the assessment.

We can tailor the course content to the intended audience based on your requirements.

Measuring Progress

After the course is complete, it is good practice to assess the current standing of the domain and begin to implement the new practices. Once the new standards are considered standard practice and the desired changes have been implemented you should consider a comparative internal penetration test to see how the new system prevents attack vectors.


Courses can be given at the Precursor Security offices in Leeds, or can be given onsite at your location.

Duration and Dates

We typically would request at least 2 weeks prior notice to deliver a course. The course typically lasts a single day.