Cyber Security Training

Staff Awareness Training

Defending your organisation using technology is a good starting point, however, it is often your most valuable asset, your people, who are the most vulnerable to cyber-attack.

Our staff training course is aimed at giving your employees the skills to understand and avoid the daily threats they face from cybercrime. The course gives simple and informative, interactive sessions on topics such as:

  • Viruses in their varied guises and how to avoid exposing your company to a breach.
  • Phishing
  • Vishing
  • Using the Internet safely.
  • Social Engineering.
  • General cyber-safety


All our course instructors have worked in the Cyber Security field for many years and bring with them the experience and knowledge gained from the global cyber-security landscape.

The instructors will bring to life the topics on the curriculum through real life examples, with diagrams of, and simple explanations of the ‘Kill Chain’, which is the sequence of event and actions which have led to organisations being breached.

Course Prerequisites

There are no formal prerequisites to the course, however we would recommend that a phishing assessment and social engineering assessment has taken place prior to the course. The phishing assessment will inform you as to the maturity of your staff in regards to cyber security and the position from which the course can progress. For example, in Precursor Security phishing campaigns , we generally see organisations where over 30% of the staff involved inadvertently divulged information which could lead to a compromise.

We can tailor the course content to the intended audience based on your requirements.

Measuring Progress

After the course is complete, it is good practice to rerun the phishing and social engineering assessments, at which point we expect the employees who have attended the course to have a much greater awareness, and subsequently expose significantly less sensitive information than on the initial phishing assessment.


Courses can be given at the Precursor Security offices in Leeds, or can be given onsite at your location.

Duration and Dates

We typically would request at least 2 weeks prior notice to deliver a course. The course typically lasts 4 hours.