Penetration Testing

Device Build Review

Workstation Build Review

Workstations can be devices that leave your company’s premises on a regular basis, which means they can be at a greater risk of attack. Ensuring a secure workstation is essential in managing your company’s overall security profile.

A Workstation Build Review is a security assessment designed to test the devices your staff use to carry out their workload on a day-to-day basis. The assessment is designed to identify any weaknesses in the specific configuration of a device, the level of patching applied to operating systems and software in addition to the amount of sensitive information standard users can access. Each of these areas are assessed to identify vulnerabilities which could be exploited and elevate the user’s privileges to that of a Local Administrator or Domain Administrator.

Server Build Review

During a Server Build Review we examine the configuration and operating system to ensure a secure setup has been established and to ensure there are no identifiable weaknesses. The assessment is designed to pinpoint and rectify any holes within the build and covers patching levels, accessible services, weak credentials, service permissions, logging and auditing, firewall and antivirus configuration as well as registry settings.