Penetration Testing

Firewall Build and Ruleset Analysis

The firewall is your first and last line of defence

The modern firewall is complex device that when configured correctly can provide defence against a range of threats from both outside and within your network. With modern services such as web filtering for staff, Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention as well as a range of other possible options the firewall has evolved far past its initial purpose of simply discarding unwanted packets.

A firewall configuration is rarely static and over time as more services are required by the business coupled with changes to both the infrastructure and staff, the configuration can become overly complex often with redundant or unneeded rules still in place. With this in mind, it is imperative to regularly check the configuration of such devices to ensure you are getting the maximum protection from your device.


During a firewall build and rule set analysis review, we take the live configuration in use for either externally facing or internally placed firewalls and perform a detailed rule by rule study to determine if there are any overly permissive or weak rules that might be negatively impacting your security posture.

Rules are analysed and scored on the risk level they present to the business. Once this is complete the device patching level is checked to ensure the latest firmware and definitions are loaded onto the device to ensure your protection is as up-to-date as possible.

Once the results are collated this is presented in a detailed report.