Penetration Testing

Internal Network Security Assessment

Internal Network Security Assessments evaluate the security of your company’s internal systems and how likely they are to be compromised in a variety of different contexts. The evaluation starts with a review of your company’s estate, as weaknesses in computer platforms and other innocuous devices can lead to the compromise of your company’s critical servers.

Your internal company network offers numerous gateways malicious attackers can take advantage of. External facing servers or services are both potential access points from the internet to your internal network. Phishing could lead to compromised credentials and workstations. Wireless network keys might break over time. USB devices could be compromised and designed to run automated programs once plugged into a machine. Somebody may phone your support desk to request a password reset. An existing employee may become malicious over time. Someone could walk straight into your building, sit down at a desk and access your systems and sensitive data.

Understanding potential risks that exist in your internal network and ensuring the necessary steps are taken to address each issue is critical for the security of your business.