Penetration Testing

Web Application Security Assessment

Web Application Security Assessments analyse all web applications setup to perform key business functions. These applications are often accessible to the public, which makes them a likely and easy target for attackers. The web application assessment can also include an evaluation of the underlying systems and services that support these applications.

Web applications are an important part of any company. They are the public face of your business, enable remote work and management and perform a variety of important services, which if disrupted, will cost your company time, money and reputation.

The vulnerabilities your web applications could be exposed to vary. From small scale disclosures in information to the complete compromise of your web or backend server, which can act as pathways into your internal company network. If your web applications aren’t setup securely, the damage caused from a compromise can result in an attacker stealing sensitive business and client data, changing the functionality of the web application itself or shutting down access to critical resources.

Ensuring a secure platform for internal and external applications, both new and old, should be a high priority for any company's security.