WatchGuard Security Services

Network Assessment and Redesign

Modern networks come in many forms but often they grow based on the needs of the business and conform to the initial flat design that was put in place when the business originally formed. As the business grows the requirement for a stable and responsive network can increase but due to the design and layout the speed of traffic can be negatively affected.

Correct segmentation and routing can have many benefits including:

  • Smaller broadcast domains
  • Increased internal security
  • Reduced scopes for PCI compliance
  • Separation of internal resources
  • Logged access to critical systems

Our analysis begins with a discussion to ascertain the goals of the engagement, what are the intentions for the network moving forward and what functions does it currently serve. We then look at the journey of different elements such as a customer accessing an online shop or a staff member accessing internal resources. We attempt to identify the purpose and usage of key equipment such as computers processing payment information or servers holding personal information so that a detailed diagram can be created.

Once we understand the current state of the network and the requirements it needs to conform to we can then begin to optimise and change the layout.

We can segment the devices on the network using VLANs or physical separation to ensure broadcast domains are kept to a minimum and key data can be hidden behind firewall rules to ensure only the required people have access to it. We can advise on advanced networking techniques such as authentication based routing or dynamic routing protocols.