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About WatchGuard's Security Training

WatchGuard’s first-rate enterprise level security solutions require a proficient understanding of firewalls and networking. By completing one of WatchGuard’s courses – all of which follow a simple step-by-step programme with invaluable hands-on practical labs – you’ll be able to use your firewall to its true potential, ensuring you gain maximum value from your investment.

What Happens After the Course?

After the successful completion of the course, you’ll be able proficiently plan, implement, administer and support WatchGuard firewalls in their own network environments. You will also be ready to take the online WatchGuard exam, the successful completion of which carries a WatchGuard Certified System Professional accreditation.

WatchGuard Fireware Essentials

Although we offer WatchGuard’s complete training curriculum, the WatchGuard Fireware Essentials course is by far the most popular and most useful. Designed for moderately experienced network administrators, Fireware Essentials covers the core set of skills and knowledge required to configure and manage a WatchGuard Firebox.

Fireware Essentials Info

Below you can find all of the important information about this course.

Who Should Take This Course?

Administrators of WatchGuard XTM Series, M Series, T Series appliances and/or users of Version 11.x or higher of WatchGuard Fireware software.

Certified Instructors

As recommended by WatchGuard, all of our WatchGuard Training Courses are delivered by an Authorised and Certified Training Instructor. With over 10 years experience in WatchGuard products, 1000’s of installations and as part of a highly skilled information security team, we're certain you'll leave the course feeling confident with a host of new ideas and skills to help you better manage your firewalls and networks.

Lab Based Training

Regardless of where the training location is, our team will set up a WatchGuard training lab environment where you can practice and test your skills. With the latest WatchGuard tech, firmware and ad-on modules, you'll learn everything you need to know about the latest WatchGuard Fireware functionality.


Our WatchGuard training courses are delivered at our office in Leeds City Centre, venues around the country and we can provide a bespoke training experience at your company’s premises.