Certified WatchGuard Training Centre and Official Partner

Precursor Security are an Official WatchGuard Partner, one of only four Certified WatchGuard Training Centre’s in the UK and the only training centre in the North of England and Scotland. Our engineers have over a decade of experience with WatchGuard's security solutions and can deliver expert consultancy in all aspects of WatchGuard's product line.

Who are WatchGuard?

WatchGuard have been leaders in cutting-edge cyber security technology for over 20 years. Through industry-leading network security, secure wi-fi, multi-factor authentication and network intelligence products and services, WatchGuard's network security solutions enable industry leading protection for more than 80,000 businesses world wide.

WatchGuard Products

WatchGuard offer first-rate security solutions for every environment. Whether you’re a small business with one location or an international organisation with thousands of sites in multiple countries – incorporating WatchGuard’s industry leading technology in to your security set up adds instant expertise and threat intelligence to your cyber security posture. Learn more about our WatchGuard products.

WatchGuard Services

WatchGuard provide top-grade enterprise level security solutions to businesses all over the world. To truly benefit from the power of WatchGuard's tech, a proficient understanding of firewall and network security is needed. Whether you want to level up your skills by taking one of our best-in-class training courses or need a total network assessment and redesign – our engineers will make sure you’re getting maximum benefit from your WatchGuard solutions. Learn more about our WatchGuard services.